Who We Are:

Military Writer: 2nd Lt. Reid I.

Reid is an active duty Air Force officer serving as a logistics-readiness role in Tucson AZ. A recent (2009) graduate of the US Air Force Academy with a degree in Material Chemistry, Reid spent 2 years on the Academy's newly resurrected Combat Shooting Team (CST) as the Assistant-Cadet-in-Charge. Other military training include a freefall certification as well as two years experience in the Academy's basic training program. There, he acted as both and instructor and Assistant Cadet-in-Charge of a ground combat training course. An Arizonan native, the the desert heat is no bother and he spends the majority of his free time in the great outdoors.

He has attended advanced training in vehicle assault in Albuquerque, as well as recieving advanced instruction from CCTs and other Special Operation trainers during his time on the CST. He has competed in the IDPA and 3 gun matches in Colorado while in the Air Force Academy, and has started competing in the Arizona ACTS matches since being stationed there.

Besides the obvious love of shooting, he also enjoys reloading, small game hunting, and hiking. He expects his first deployment sometime in the near future.